50 Champ – 4 Inch Black and White Striped Golf Tees + Free Bonus

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50 New 4″ Inch long Champ Black & White Striped Fly Tees

+ Bonus!

These tees come in bulk. These are my personal favorites. Extraordinarily durable and easy to use. I’ve played three rounds with the same Champ Fly Tee without any deformity. Results may vary, but if you like high performance tees, trust me, you’ll like these better or as much as anything you’ve used in the past.

The CHAMP Flytee is a high performance tee that will increase your distance and accuracy from tee to green.




Made with environmentally friendly biodegradable materials, a durable plastic design and a 6 prong head makes it easier to place the ball on the tee and keep it stable.

With its added durability and contoured cup, this tee gives top performance to all golfers, from amateurs to professionals.


In addition to your purchase, you’ll received my written top 5 golf swing lessons of all time. I’ve been playing golf for 25 years and have a +1 handicap. You’ll receive an email following your purchase which will have the 5 golf lessons inside. Be on the lookout for your golf lessons. I love the game and I’ve had several lessons with professionals who teach players on the PGA tour. These lessons can be applied to all swings; they are universal truths to better golf.

There are several tips and lessons I’ve received over these 25 years which I believe are critical to lowering your scores and striking the ball more consistently. If you’ll apply these simple 5 lessons to your game, you’ll lower your handicap. It’s that simple.

Wonder if the lessons help? See what other Ebay Members said in my feedback!

“neat little item. bonus of golf tips was real interesting and helpfull”

“Softball daughter loved the necklace and the golf daughter loved the tips”

“The best 5 swing tips I have ever read,and I have golfed 4 a long time. Thanks”

Only $12.95
Purchase with confidence from eBay