Tecumseh 632334A Carburetor HM70/80 HMSK80/90 fits HMSK80-155556U HMSK80-155558T

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Tecumseh 632334A Carburetor HM70/80 HMSK80/90 fits HMSK80-155556U HMSK80-155558T (231396395487)


Carburetor For Tecumseh 632334A HM70 HM80 HMSK80 HMSK90 Oregon Adjustable
Condition: A brand-new unused unopened undamaged item in its original packaging
Type: HM70 HM80 HMSK80 HMSK90
Model: 632334A 632334 640349 640052 640054
Power Source: Gas
7HP~ 8HP ~ 4 Cycle ~ 2 Stage Snowblower
Includes Carb Mounting Gasket
Oregon part # 50-642
Buyers please note: The manufactures of aftermarket carbs do not thread the holes on the side for cover mount.
Fits the following models and possibly others not listed:

38540 824 Power Shift Snowthrower 1990-1991
38543 824 Power Shift Snowthrower 1990-1991
38080 824 Snowthrower 1989 CARBURETOR 632334
38080 824 Snowthrower 1988 ENGINE TECUMSEH MODEL HM80-155291M
38080 824 Snowthrower 1989 TECUMSEH 4-CYCLE ENGINE MODEL HM80-155291N
38080 824 Snowthrower 1984 ENGINE TECUMSEH MODEL HM 80-155169J
38080 824 Snowthrower 1985 80-155284J
38080 824 Snowthrower 1986 HM80-155291K
38080 824 Snowthrower 1987 HM80-155291L
38085 824 Snowthrower 1984-89 HM 80-155169J
38085C 824 Snowthrower 1987 HM80-155291L
38540 824 Power Shift Snowthrower 1988 HM80-155337M 38543 824 Power Shift Snowthrower 1988 HM80-155337M
38573 828 Power Shift Snowthrower 1988-89 HM80-155337M 38540 824 Power Shift Snowthrower 1989 HM80-155337N
38543 824 Power Shift Snowthrower 1989 HM80-155337N 38085 824 Snowthrower 1990 CARBURETOR 632334A
38080 824 Snowthrower 1990-91 HM80-155291P 38085 824 Snowthrower 1990 HM80-155291P
38080 824 Snowthrower 1992 HM80-155438P 38080 824 Snowthrower 1993 HM80-155438R
38083 824XL Power Throw Snowthrower 1997 HMSK80-155386U 38084 824XL Power Throw Snowthrower 1997 HMSK80-155386U
38540 824 Power Shift Snowthrower 1994 HM80-155337S 38540 824 Power Shift Snowthrower 1995 HMSK80-155386S
38540 824 Power Shift Snowthrower 1996 HMSK80-155386T 38540 824 Power Shift Snowthrower 1997 HMSK80-155386U
38543 824 Power Shift Snowthrower 1994 HM80-155337S 38543 824 Power Shift Snowthrower 1995 HMSK80-155386S
38543 824 Power Shift Snowthrower 1996 HMSK80-155386T 38543 824 Power Shift Snowthrower 1997 HMSK80-155386U
38540 824 Power Shift Snowthrower 1992-93 HM80-155337P 38543 824 Power Shift Snowthrower 1992-93 HM80-155337P
38574 828 Power Shift Snowthrower 1991-92 HM80-155386P 38574 828 Power Shift Snowthrower 1990 HM80-155386P

HM70-132001E HM70-132001F HM70-132016E HM70-132016F HM70-132016G HMSK80-155209R
HMSK80-155209S HMSK80-155315R HMSK80-155316R HMSK80-155326S HMSK80-155316S HMSK80-155326R
HMSK80-155326T HMSK80-155326U HMSK80-155337R HMSK80-155337S HMSK80-155361R HMSK80-155361S
HMSK80-155377R HMSK80-155377S HMSK80-155377T HMSK80-155377U HMSK80-155386S HMSK80-155386T
HMSK80-155386U HMSK80-155416R HMSK80-155417R HMSK80-155417S HMSK80-155418R HMSK80-155418S
HMSK80-155418T HMSK80-155438R HMSK80-155443R HMSK80-155443S HMSK80-155444R HMSK80-155444S
HMSK80-155448S HMSK80-155463S HMSK80-155468R HMSK80-155468S HMSK80-155468T HMSK80-155468U
HMSK80-155469R HMSK80-155474S HMSK80-155475R HMSK80-155478R HMSK80-155478S HMSK80-155478T
HMSK80-155478U HMSK80-155479R HMSK80-155480R HMSK80-155480S HMSK80-155480T HMSK80-155480U
HMSK80-155494S HMSK80-155497S HMSK80-155499R HMSK80-155502S HMSK80-155505S HMSK80-155507S
HMSK80-155524S HMSK80-155525S HMSK80-155525T HMSK80-155525U HM80-155001J HMSK90-156518C
HMSK80-155526S HMSK80-155526T HMSK80-155526U HMSK80-155527S HMSK80-155527T HMSK80-155527U
HMSK80-155529S HMSK80-155529T HMSK80-155529U HMSK80-155530S HMSK80-155533S HMSK80-155534S
HMSK80-155535S HMSK80-155536S HMSK80-155540S HMSK80-155542S HMSK80-155542T HMSK80-155545T
HMSK80-155545U HMSK80-155546T HMSK80-155547T HMSK80-155549T HMSK80-155549U HMSK80-155550T
HMSK80-155550U HMSK80-155553T HMSK80-155554T HMSK80-155554U HMSK80-155555T HMSK80-155556T
HMSK80-155556U HMSK80-155558T HMSK80-155558U HMSK80-155559T HMSK80-155559U HMSK80-155562T
HMSK80-155568U HMSK80-155618U HM80-155001K HM80-155013J HM80-155015J HM80-155022J
HM80-155128J HM80-155132J HM80-155169J HM80-155186J HM80-155198J HM80-155206J
HM80-155206K HM80-155207J HM80-155209J HM80-155209K HM80-155212J HM80-155233J
HM80-155237J HM80-155241J HM80-155241K HM80-155242J HM80-155245J HM80-155246J
HM80-155247J HM80-155248J HM80-155249J HM80-155254J HM80-155255J HM80-155271J
HM80-155271K HM80-155273J HM80-155273K HM80-155274J HM80-155275J HM80-155276J
HM80-155276K HM80-155277J HM80-155277K HM80-155278J HM80-155279J HM80-155279K
HM80-155280J HM80-155280K HM80-155281J HM80-155282J HM80-155282K HM80-155283J
HM80-155283K HM80-155284J HM80-155291K HM80-155292K HM80-155293K HM80-155294K
HM80-155296K HM80-155297K HM80-155298K HM80-155001L HM80-155001L HM80-155001M
HM80-155001M HM80-155022L HM80-155022L HM80-155022M HM80-155022M HM80-155209L
HM80-155209L HM80-155209M HM80-155209M HM80-155209N HM80-155209N HM80-155209P
HM80-155209P HM80-155212M HM80-155212M HM80-155273L HM80-155273L HM80-155273M
HM80-155273M HM80-155277L HM80-155277L HM80-155282L HM80-155282L HM80-155282M
HM80-155282M HM80-155283L HM80-155283L HM80-155291L HM80-155291L HM80-155291M
HM80-155291M HM80-155291N HM80-155291N HM80-155291P HM80-155291P HM80-155292L
HM80-155292L HM80-155293L HM80-155293L HM80-155298L HM80-155298L HM80-155298M
HM80-155298M HM80-155298N HM80-155298N HM80-155298P HM80-155298P HM80-155307L
HM80-155307L HM80-155308L HM80-155308L HM80-155308M HM80-155308M HM80-155308N
HM80-155308N HM80-155308P HM80-155308P HM80-155309L HM80-155309L HM80-155309M
HM80-155309M HM80-155309N HM80-155309N HM80-155309P HM80-155309P HM80-155310L
HM80-155310L HM80-155310M HM80-155310M HM80-155310N HM80-155310N HM80-155310P
HM80-155310P HM80-155311L HM80-155311L HM80-155311M HM80-155311M HM80-155311N
HM80-155311N HM80-155311P HM80-155311P HM80-155312L HM80-155312L HM80-155312M
HM80-155312M HM80-155312N HM80-155312N HM80-155312P HM80-155312P HM80-155313L
HM80-155313L HM80-155313M HM80-155313M HM80-155313N HM80-155313N HM80-155313P
HM80-155313P HM80-155314L HM80-155314L HM80-155314M HM80-155314M HM80-155314N
HM80-155314N HM80-155314P HM80-155314P HM80-155315L HM80-155315L HM80-155315M
HM80-155315M HM80-155315N HM80-155315N HM80-155315P HM80-155315P HM80-155316L
HM80-155316L HM80-155316M HM80-155316M HM80-155316N HM80-155316N HM80-155316P
HM80-155316P HM80-155317L HM80-155317L HM80-155317M HM80-155317M HM80-155317N
HM80-155317N HM80-155317P HM80-155317P HM80-155318L HM80-155318L HM80-155318M
HM80-155318M HM80-155319L HM80-155319L HM80-155319M HM80-155319M HM80-155319N
HM80-155319N HM80-155320L HM80-155320L HM80-155321L HM80-155321L HM80-155321M
HM80-155321M HM80-155321N HM80-155321N HM80-155322L HM80-155322L HM80-155322M
HM80-155322M HM80-155322N HM80-155322N HM80-155322P HM80-155322P HM80-155323L
HM80-155323L HM80-155323M HM80-155323M HM80-155323N HM80-155323N HM80-155323P
HM80-155323P HM80-155324L HM80-155324L HM80-155325L HM80-155325L HM80-155326L
HM80-155326L HM80-155326M HM80-155326M HM80-155326N HM80-155326N HM80-155326P
HM80-155326P HM80-155331M HM80-155331M HM80-155331N HM80-155331N HM80-155331P
HM80-155331P HM80-155332M HM80-155332M HM80-155333M HM80-155333M HM80-155333N
HM80-155333N HM80-155333P HM80-155333P HM80-155334M HM80-155334M HM80-155334N
HM80-155334N HM80-155334P HM80-155334P HM80-155336M HM80-155336M HM80-155336N
HM80-155336N HM80-155336P HM80-155336P HM80-155337M HM80-155337M HM80-155337N
HM80-155337N HM80-155337P HM80-155337P HM80-155338M HM80-155338M HM80-155338N
HM80-155338N HM80-155343M HM80-155343M HM80-155354N HM80-155354N HM80-155354P
HM80-155354P HM80-155355N HM80-155355N HM80-155355P HM80-155355P HM80-155356N
HM80-155356N HM80-155356P HM80-155356P HM80-155359N HM80-155359N HM80-155359P
HM80-155359P HM80-155361N HM80-155361N HM80-155361P HM80-155361P HM80-155362N
HM80-155362N HM80-155362P HM80-155362P HM80-155365N HM80-155365N HM80-155366N
HM80-155366N HM80-155367N HM80-155367N HM80-155367P HM80-155367P HM80-155368N
HM80-155368N HM80-155370N HM80-155370N HM80-155370P HM80-155370P HM80-155371N
HM80-155371N HM80-155377N HM80-155377N HM80-155377P HM80-155377P HM80-155378N
HM80-155378N HM80-155386P HM80-155386P HM80-155387P HM80-155387P HM80-155388P
HM80-155388P HM80-155389P HM80-155389P HM80-155390P HM80-155390P HM80-155391P
HM80-155391P HM80-155392P HM80-155392P HM80-155393P HM80-155393P HM80-155394P
HM80-155394P HM80-155395P HM80-155395P HM80-155396P HM80-155396P HM80-155397P
HM80-155397P HM80-155410P HM80-155410P HM80-155416P HM80-155416P HM80-155417P
HM80-155417P HM80-155418P HM80-155418P HM80-155419P HM80-155419P HM80-155420P
HM80-155420P HM80-155421P HM80-155421P HM80-155422P HM80-155422P HM80-155427P
HM80-155427P HM80-155430P HM80-155430P HM80-155438P HM80-155438P HM80-155443P
HM80-155443P HM80-155444P HM80-155444P HM80-155445P HM80-155445P HM80-155448P HM80-155448P

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