Tecumseh Carbs 632107A 632107 640084A 640084B fits HSSK50-67368S HSSK50-67375S

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 Tecumseh Carbs 632107A 632107 640084A 640084B fits HSSK50-67368S HSSK50-67375S (231425936324)


Carburetor for Tecumseh 632107 632107A TORO 421 TORO 521 with a fixed jet
OEM Part Number 632107A 632107 640084A 640084B
Fits models HSK40, HSK50, HSSK40, HSSK50, HS50, LH195SA Model Engines
Replace the old 632107A carburetor with adjustment screw.
Now 632107A was superceded by 640084B without adjustment screw
Fitment: They are for CRAFTSMAN & SEARS YardMachine;  MTD & Tecumseh Engine Models
HSK40 / HSK50 / HS50 / LH195SP.
Not for Go-Kart applications , Not compatible with greater than 10% ethanol fuel
Fits the following Models Engines:
HS50-67002C HS50-67244J HS50-67002D 67002D-HS50 HS50-67002E 67002E-HS50
HS50-67002F 67002F-HS50 HS50-67008C HS50-67008D HS50-67008E HS50-67073C
HS50-67073D HS50-67073E HS50-67074C HS50-67074D HS50-67117C HS50-67159C
HS50-67159D HS50-67160C HS50-67166C HS50-67166D HS50-67168C HS50-67168D
HS50-67170C HS50-67171C HS50-67172C HS50-67174C HS50-67174D HS50-67174E
HS50-67175C HS50-67175D HS50-67175E HS50-67178C HS50-67178F HS50-67179C
HS50-67179E HS50-67179F HS50-67181C HS50-67183C HS50-67184C HS50-67184D
HS50-67191C HS50-67193D HS50-67194D HS50-67194E HS50-67195D HS50-67195E
HS50-67199D HS50-67199E HS50-67200D HS50-67200F HS50-67201E HS50-67201F
HS50-67201G HS50-67201H HS50-67205E HS50-67206E HS50-67209E HS50-67210E
HS50-67211E HS50-67213E HS50-67214E HS50-67217E HS50-67219E HS50-67220E
HS50-67221E HS50-67222E HS50-67222F HS50-67223E HS50-67225E HS50-67225F
HS50-67226E HS50-67227E HS50-67229E HS50-67231E HS50-67238E HS50-67238F
HS50-67240E HS50-67241E HS50-67241F HS50-67242E HS50-67242F HS50-67244E
HS50-67244F HS50-67244G HS50-67244H HS50-67244K HS50-67245E HS50-67246E
HS50-67247E HS50-67247F HS50-67248E HS50-67248F HS50-67249E HS50-67250E
HS50-67251E HS50-67251F HS50-67252E HS50-67252F HS50-67252G HS50-67252H
HS50-67253F HS50-67256F HS50-67256G HS50-67256J HS50-67259J HS50-67259K
HS50-67261J HS50-67261K HS50-67267J HS50-67267K HS50-67270J HS50-67270K
HS50-67272J HS50-67272K HS50-67277J HS50-67283J HS50-67283K HS50-67287J
HS50-67288J HS50-67288K HS50-67292J HS50-67292K HS50-67302J HS50-67303J
HS50-67304J HS50-67304K HS50-67307J HS50-67307K HS50-67309J HS50-67309K
HS50-67311J HS50-67311K HS50-67313K HS50-67314K HS50-67315K HS50-67316K
HS50-67317K HS50-67323K HS50-67324K HS50-67326K HSSK40-55901A HSSK50-67002N
HSSK50-67244L HSSK50-67244M HSSK50-67244N HSSK50-67244P HSSK50-67244R
HSSK50-67244S HSSK50-67259L HSSK50-67259M HSSK50-67259N HSSK50-67259P
HSSK50-67259R HSSK50-67259S HSSK50-67261L HSSK50-67261M HSSK50-67261N
HSSK50-67261P HSSK50-67261R HSSK50-67261S HSSK50-67261T HSSK50-67261U
HSSK50-67272L HSSK50-67272M HSSK50-67272N HSSK50-67272P HSSK50-67272R
HSSK50-67272S HSSK50-67283L HSSK50-67283M HSSK50-67283N HSSK50-67283P
HSSK50-67283R HSSK50-67288L HSSK50-67288M HSSK50-67307L HSSK50-67317L
HSSK50-67317M HSSK50-67317N HSSK50-67317P HSSK50-67317R HSSK50-67323L
HSSK50-67323M HSSK50-67323N HSSK50-67323P HSSK50-67323R HSSK50-67323S
HSSK50-67324L HSSK50-67324M HSSK50-67324N HSSK50-67326L HSSK50-67328K
HSSK50-67329K HSSK50-67334L HSSK50-67334M HSSK50-67334N HSSK50-67334P
HSSK50-67334R HSSK50-67334S HSSK50-67336M HSSK50-67336N HSSK50-67336P
HSSK50-67336R HSSK50-67337L HSSK50-67338L HSSK50-67338M HSSK50-67338N
HSSK50-67338P HSSK50-67338R HSSK50-67338S HSSK50-67339L HSSK50-67357S
HSSK50-67364S HSSK50-67366S HSSK50-67368S HSSK50-67374S HSSK50-67375S
HSSK50-67377S HSSK50-67382S HSSK50-67383S HSSK50-67384S HSSK50-67385S
HSSK50-67385T HSSK50-67385U HSSK50-67386S HSSK50-67386T HSSK50-67387S
HSSK50-67388S HSSK50-67389S HSSK50-67390S HSSK50-67391S HSSK50-67392S
HSSK50-67393S HSSK50-67393T HSSK50-67393U HSSK50-67394S HSSK50-67394T
HSSK50-67394U HSSK50-67395S HSSK50-67395T HSSK50-67396S HSSK50-67397S
HSSK50-67398S HSSK50-67399S HSSK50-67400S HSSK50-67401S HSSK50-67402S
HSSK50-67402T HSSK50-67402U HSSK50-67403S HSSK50-67403T HSSK50-67403U
HSSK50-67404S HSSK50-67404T HSSK50-67404U HSSK50-67405S HSSK50-67406S
HSSK50-67407S HSSK50-67408S HSSK50-67409S HSSK50-67409T HSSK50-67410S
HSSK50-67410T HSSK50-67410U HSSK50-67411S HSSK50-67411T HSSK50-67415S
HSSK50-67416T HSSK50-67416U HSSK50-67417T HSSK50-67417U HSSK50-67417V
HSSK50-67418U HSSK50-67419U HSSK50-67420U HSSK50-67421U HSSK50-67422U
HSSK55-67501A HSSK55-67501B HSSK55-67501C HSSK55-67502B HSSK55-67502C
HSSK55-67503B HSSK55-67504C HSSK55-67505C HSSK55-67506C HSSK55-67507C
LH195SA-67385V LH195SA-67386V LH195SA-67387V LH195SA-67394V LH195SA-67403V
LH195SA-67405V LH195SA-67416V LH195SA-67417V LH195SA-67418V LH195SA-67419V
LH195SA-67420V LH195SA-67422V LH195SA-67424V LH195SA-67427V LH195SA-67428V
LH195SA-67429V LH195SA-67430V LH195SA-67431V LH195SA-67432V LH195SA-67433V
LH195SA-67434V LH195SA-67435V LH195SA-67437V LH195SA-67438V LH195SA-67440V
LH195SP-67427V LH195SP-67501D LH195SP-67504D LH195SP-67508D LH195SP-67510D
LH195SP-67511D LH195SP-67512D LH195SP-67513D LH195SP-67514D LH195SP-67517D
LH195SP-67518D LH195SP-67519D LH195SP-67520D LH195SP-67521D LH195SP-67522D
LH195SP-67523D LH195SP-67524D LH195SP-67525D LH195SP-67526D LH195SP-67527D

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